Popups as a modal, integrating navigation, and some other stuff

Hello All,

I am beginning to build out a component in my app that utilizes a pop up as a multi-step wizard. As I structure the flow and the data, I thought to reach out about a couple of questions I had to hopefully gain perspective from those more experienced than I…

  1. If I create an icon menu within the popup, what is the best way to ¨show" and ¨ḧide"the steps of the wizard? …meaning, if I click on step 2 of the process, it shows the step two components but hides step 1, 3,4, and 5.

  2. Is there a way to autosave entries whenever someone moves to the next ¨page¨ of the wizard?

  3. Are there ways to implement ¨Dynamic panels¨- like you can in Axsure, so you can easily build out the multi-step pages within the wizard.

TIA for the perspective!


I’ve built a multi-step wizard - it’s not inside a popup but should be roughly the same.

Make sure each step is inside its own group. Then when the user clicks ‘Next’, you ‘hide’ step 1, but only when X value is not empty, and X value is not empty etc.

That way, you can make sure the use has completed the form. You can also do this for step 2 etc.

When you reach the final step, you can ‘Create a new’, and reference all the forms etc. completed in all steps, as it’s still all in the same popup (just hidden).

Hope that helps?