Popups that can't be circumnavigated

I have a pop up showing when user isn’t logged in, but they can click around it to dismiss it. Is there a way to make that not happen? Or, better yet, if they complete (or close) the popup, it just reloads the whole page and makes them try again? I do need it to reload the whole page after they login so the page actually creates the thing that needs creating.

So, to be clear, I have a pop up when they aren’t logged in, to make them login. But they can click anywhere else to close it. And when they close it, either from logging in, or failing to, I want the page to reload. How can I wait for the pop up to go away so I can reload?

There’s an option in popup like “this popup cannot be escaped”

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You just select “This popup cannot be closed by pressing esc” under the properties.

Oh I’m such a dummy I had it clicked before but unclicked it. Thanks.

But… can I wait for it to return and then refresh the page? I tried just refreshing the page like this but it doesn’t wait for the pop up to return.

Whu do you want to refresh the page? You eill just get stuck in a loop

It’s not clear to me what you’r trying to accomplish. What’s the point of refreshing the page after log-out? What exactly is the behavior you’re trying to achieve?

Because when the page loads AND they are logged in, it creates a new thing.

I’m guessing this is the wrong way to do it, but I don’t know what the right way is

Can’t the new thing be created from the workflow after logging in? A page refresh shouldn’t be necessary.

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Ah got it thanks.
Coming from other languages I did not realize you could do a When after page already loaded. So much simpler than I thought it would be.

Old dog, new tricks.

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