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Porting App from Appsheet

Hi All,

I am new to this environment and already build an App using Appsheet , but thinking of moving because of the cost. I am completely new to bubble and not sure if the tasks which I initially though to include in Appsheet can be incorporated here or not. I am still exercising my option with bubble and would appreciate if you can guide me further about integrating following features/options in bubble.

  1. I will like to use google sheet as my Database and not sure if this can be used here ?

  2. Need to build the App with logins for my users.

  3. I like to create deck view to my menu items and like to put some validation on data depending on condition.

  4. Like to integrate a logic where in users login expires after 30 days and like to integrate payment facility into it.

  5. Like to create dashboard view where I can showcase performance as a whole and also for users individually.

  6. I like to provide this App for free use for 30 days and before the user can actually use it free , they must fill the form to provide details like their name , email , phone , Loc etc. and after 1 month , they need to purchase in order to use the App’s feature .

I build an App using Appsheet and following is the screen shot.


Any comment/suggestions is highly Appreciated !!. Apart from using App sheet , I can also use third part API , if google sheet is not an option with Bubble IO. I have no issue using Bubble internal database , but since I need to fetch stock prices based on conditions which I developed using google sheet and I can start looking some other alternates as well. Please do help me on this.


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