POS similar program

Hey everyone, Hope everyones doing well. I recently ran into a wall with my current program.

I run the company intranet site for my company and one new feature they wanted was some very very basic inventory tracking. So I Have two data types (inventory-item & inventory-transaction) Inventory-item has fields like name, barcode, location ( we run several offices so we need to distinguish which items are for which locations rather than having separate data types for each office) and Inventory-transaction has a list of inventory items that the user can scan, date, location, user. Currently on the page I just have a text input that the user’s barcode scanner will type in the UPC and press the search button. It will then search for any item matching that UPC and users location and create a new inventory transaction with the first item and then any additional items will be added to this list. However, any duplicate items are not being added. If they scan a bottle of water and then go and scan another, it doesn’t add two bottles of water. I would like to just be able to add two lines of the same item. I know with list fields this is possible but i believe because the field is actually the inventory-item data type, maybe thats why its not allowing duplicates? Has anyone ran into this and/or have a better solution? I by no means wants to create a full on POS system, just something very very basic. No prices or anything like that being used or will be used.


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