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POS Software Integration

Has anyone successfully integrated a POS into their app? What API has worked for you?

Depends on the POS system and whether it provides open APIs for external developers to integrate it with their system or not.

I did a connection with CloudPos and Lightspeed for my app.

I built my own POS system completely from scratch within Bubble.

It’s a big subject - can you tell us more about what your goals and requirements are?

For example, are you needing something physically in a store and will need to control a cash drawer and receipt printer or is this more for like a popup shop and so emailing receipts is sufficient?

Are you needing to provide a physical credit card reader to accept EMV chip cards?

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Well, this was two years ago now… so … it’s a little late now. :wink:

Ha! Didn’t even notice this was a zombie thread that had been revived. :sweat_smile: