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Possibility of using other maps, not googlemap

I am afraid that the map fee will be charged from google after launching the service.

Is there any option to use other maps?

Not sure what you mean by “the map fee” ?

Google is very generous, you’ll start paying once you have a lot of users…

Yes. I heard googlemap fee is free when the number of access is small but google requires a lot of payment from certain point.

I am considering to make a service which will have a lot of users in the future. At that time, i would like to avoid to pay a lot of map fee to google, map is not the core component for my service and i just need basic functions.

Therefore, if possible i would like to choose some free maps instead of google map, such as open map.

It’s a pretty big project to change, so when you have a lot of users, reach out to us, and we can talk about adding another map on a sponsored basis. For a launch, until you exceed Google’s threshold, I think Google Map is your best choice.

Ok. I would consider asking adding another map at that time.