Possibility to turn Bubble app into ElectronJS desktop app?


TLDR; Is there any possibility of turning a Bubble app into an ElectronJS desktop app with local storage – so personal data is kept on the user’s machine?

Google has placed very restrictive restrictions on the use of their APIs, which require $15-$75k yearly security audits if data is accessed through, or stored on, 3rd-party servers. I love building apps on Bubble, and also want to be able to serve users that use gmail, so I need to be able to offer a dekstop-based solution that stores data on the user’s device.

I realize that this would require some type of encryption of the Bubble source code, so not sure if this is possible.

Side note: I also found this for ElectronJS.


Does the above only include Gmail or is it ALL of Google’s api services (e.g. Google Calendar, Google Analytics etc)?

At this time, it’s only Gmail.


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I admire what they are trying to do, however, I’m also pretty shocked because in doing so, they’ve created a financial barrier. A great purpose that’s being poorly executed. Sad.