Possible Bubble limitations / dead-ends?

This was one of the big problems I had with my last app on Bubble. I tried the suggestion in that forum post, but the time it took to update the database then caused timing issues. So, when I would update ItemNumber, sometimes it wouldn’t actually update it, it would skip it. So the ItemNumber was much less than what was already in my database.

I believe this goes deeper into a recent forum post I found: Order of actions inside an event Another core issue here is the fact that your workflows don’t happen in order, rather they happen all at the same time. So if Step 1 of my workflow is to add an entry to the database from my API then Step 2 of my workflow is to add 1 to my ItemNumber to signify that I added another item, it may not actually happen in that order causing my ItemNumber to be wonky and not reflective of what is actually the real ItemNumber.