Possible bug in workflow elements avalaible to show

I am not sure it’s a bug and want confirmation from the community,

I created a reusable element based on a preexisting popup, and then I renamed both popups.

Old popup: Signup / Login popup A
New popup 1: Signup popup
New popup 2: Login popup

In my workflows I want to show these new popups but the elements dropdown menu does not show the new names and it only shows the popup with the old name.

Here it is showing the old popup name

And these are the popups that I can not choose to show in the workflow dropdown menu
new popups i cant chose

Any ideas about what is going on??

Thank you!

Hey there @julianu,

Where is that workflow at? Have you actually placed the reusable elements on the page?

Johny thanks for replying. So the workflow is at the header, for the sign in and sign up buttons, the reusable elements are not on the header, is that the mistake?

Thank you

Yeah, you need to have the Login and Signup reusable elements in the header reusable element.

Thank you so much. I understand now, and it makes a lot of sense!

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No worries! Glad I was of help! Welcome to the Bubble community btw :blush:

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