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[Possible Bug] Why is User field returning null?

I have a simple plugin action.
It takes some fields and prints them to the console.
The problem is that my user field auth0_user_id always prints null, even when it contains a value.

This is the user data:
Take note that the “Auth0 User ID” field contains a value (i.e. it is not null).

This is the plugin code:

This is the workflow for the plugin action:
When an element is clicked it takes the current users Auth0 User ID, puts it into the plugin field, and then prints to the console.

This is the console:
Note that the auth0_user_id prints as null even though the user has a value.

So why does auth0_user_id return as null instead of the value facebook|1016...?


It was my privacy settings!

I filed a bug report for this. Please close that bug report if you’re from the Bubble team. Sorry for the trouble.