Possible to "Fork" apps?

Hi is it possible to “Fork” apps?

I want to create an image/video board that has it’s own process of commenting, adding users, and posting etc. However I want to create different websites that has this base, ie one for Cat videos, and another one for Dog videos etc.

Periodically I want to add features this base app and ideally I want to propagate these changes to the child apps. Is this possible with Bubble?

After searching, it looks like there are a few limited ways to do this:

  1. Using Sub Apps. You can edit the main app, and push down changes to the sub apps. The sub apps have their own databases, but they can use the main app’s database. Downside is that you need to sign up to the production plan which is a whopping $500+ a month. Probably too much for just messing around and for small personal apps.
  2. Creating plugins. Creating my own plugins, you can distribute it to multiple apps. Putting as much shared code into the plugin. Though it doesn’t seem like you can create whole workflows into the plugin, only actions. Requires more coding experience.
  3. Just using one app. Doing some clever database design, with different sub pages to signify the different apps, and url parameters or slugs to signify the different pages. This is probably what I’ll be doing.