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Possible to have generator-like workflows?

This may sound a little too technical, but is there a way to make generator-like workflows?

So it could be something like:

  1. A workflow (containing 3 actions) is triggered.
  2. The first action runs and the workflow pauses based on a certain condition. It waits until the condition is met.
  3. The second action runs and the workflow again pauses.
  4. When all actions are completed, the workflow ends.

Hey ernie,
I think bubble has a pause action which may work for your use case.

See the documentation here

"Add a pause before next action
This action pauses the workflow for the number of milliseconds entered. This is useful if you want to wait before animating an element, etc. This will have no impact on actions that happen on the server, like data modifications, sending emails, etc.

Pause length (ms)
Enter the number of milliseconds the workflow should pause."

You can set a condition in the “only when” field. This will cause the pause to activate only when the condition is met.

Probably better to split into several workflows, each with its own conditions to initiate.