Possible to have Option choices in order of the user's most recent choices?

I use Option Sets for my dropdowns.

Some Option Sets have 50 or so choices but maybe 5 or so choices are the most frequently used.

I know that I can make the order of the Option Set but is it possible to have the order based on the most frequent that the user uses?

I think it would be easier to use the dropdown if the most recent choices of the dropdown were at the top.

The first choice would be the last selected option, the second choice would be the next to the last unique selected option.


Hi there, @msamandadianne… I don’t think there is a super direct/straightforward way to do what you described. One way you could go, though, is to have a list field on the User data type that is linked to the option set. As a user selects options from the dropdown, you could add the options to the user’s list field, and then you could structure the choices source for your dropdown like this.


Anyway, that’s one way you could go, and I hope this helps.


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