Possible to have two workflows run simultaneously on 'page is loaded'?

Can I have two workflows (one that is an api call and one that changes the color of an element) run simultaneously on ‘page is loaded’. I have tried a few times but the api call always takes precedence (it is first workflow) and the element change color one doesn’t seem to work. Is this inherent to Bubble workflows? or am I doing something wrong?

Change element workflow triggers custom ‘change to grey’ workflow which then triggers custom ‘change to white’ workflow which then triggers ‘change to grey’ workflow over and over until API data is loaded.

Initial ‘change to grey’ workflow is triggered on page is loaded but the when it is supposed to start ‘change to white’ workflow it doesn’t and just workflow which calls an external API. (I have found this from step by step in debugger). Is there a way to make all workflows happen simultaneously or do I need to figure out a different way of handling this?

Put the element action into the custom event in the same sequence you want to trigger.

Call custom event on the page load.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Unforutnately I am bouncing back and forth between two workflows and cannot concurrently do this while loading API or but it within the ‘page is loading’ workflow so I am going to have to find and use a lottie animation. Thanks for the help tho @ankur1

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