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Possible to hire someone for some help w my database? Hour or two at most. Thanks!

Hey there, thanks for looking. I am stuck on some things related to how to set things up in my database and rather than try to outline it all here, which would take forever, I could really just use an hour or two from someone well versed in Bubble to take a look at what I have and kind of give me some pointers and teach me while solving the questions I have. Happy to pay for your time. Thank you!!! I love Bubble!

@mikeloc has been amazing in helping me.


Thanks for the kind words, @deeknee… very much appreciated.

Happy to try to help if you want, @clay2… I sent you a private message.

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Hi Mike,
Would also like some help with this question I posted:

My guess is it’ll be 20 min of your time. I’ll pay you.

Hey @clay2 :wave:

If you ever need one on one help with a coach, you can check out Bubble’s coaching page. You can just choose a coach and book a 1 or 2 hour session. Really speeds up the learning process. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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