Possible to make a RepeatingGroup reduce in height?


I have a RepeatingGroup, which in my editor I have extended (because it does have the possibility of showing quite a few entries on the front-end)…

Of course when there is not that many entries on the front-end, you have elements sat waaayyy too far below it…

Is it possible to have the height adjust when it does not have many elements, as it is currently, or have I actually set it up wrong in the editor in the first place?

Many thanks

I might try setting the repeating group to “Full List,” and actually having it smaller in the editor. In theory, it will expand to show all the items. I don’t thin it’s possible to have it “shrink,” at least that I know of.

I already have it set to Full List. When i reduce the height of the RG in the editor, it doesn’t look too healthy…


It’s because of the number of Rows you’ve specified. If you set that number to 1, and only have your group in the editor show 1, it should clean it up.

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