Possible to reinstall or fork code of missing plugin?

I have an app with a free plugin installed that I no longer find in the plugin marketplace. Its plugin page link simply goes to the plugin marketplace homepage.

Is there a way to install the plugin in another app? Is there a way to fork the code?

Yes right click the plugin page link and copy/paste it into a text editor, then take just the unique ID portion at the end and add it to this link https://bubble.io/plugin_editor?id=[plugin unique id] and go to that link instead. But this only works for free plugins where you can view the code


Thanks a lot, @tylerboodman! That got me to a read-only version of the plugin’s code. I see there that its license allows copying, and I can manually copy details out of the plugin to use elsewhere. If you also know of a way to “save as” or otherwise streamline replicating the plugin, please advise.

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I think it lets you copy/paste entire actions and plugin elements into your own plugin, if that speeds it up at all :sweat_smile:

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Indeed! Right-selecting an element in the tree displays a context menu where you can select copy. Thanks again.

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