Possible to set state of element from header/different page?

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Hello I have a ‘My Account’ Dropdown as shown above in my header, I would like to set the state based on which dropdown option is selected,

Essentially, I would need to set a state of a element from a different page

Is this possible?

Out of interest, what’s your use case here i.e. what are you trying to achieve. As in most cases I would think you’d be better to use URL parameters, paths etc.

I agree with @wrightj2 , seems like you might want to use URL parameters or explain more what your use-case is.

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@tyler11 The bigger question is, should use case be hyphenated (use-case) or not (use case). Never sure :grinning: and don’t further confuse me with edge-case or edge case.

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I am new to bubble and to be honest I am not familiar with URL Parameters and paths,

The use case is that I have a page with a sidebar navigation on the left, that sets the state on the right of the page, but when the user is on a different page i need to find a way to display the selected state onto the page to show the correct view (for example the users inbox)

Does this makes sense?

Can this be solved by URL Parameters or paths? I have skimmed a few Youtube videos and it seems this is not the correct tool, please correct me if I’m wrong

Makes sense and yes you want to use Url paths/parameters not states. Watch this https://youtu.be/4aabccslG5Q not exactly what you are after but will give you the idea.

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