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Possible to skip a cell?

Hi everybody,

Can I use a condition on a cell so that thew hole cell will be “skipped”? I put a condition on the group to not show it when a certain condition is met. But then I have an ugly gapy between the cells. How can I avooid this?

Would be awesome if somebody could help!


Can you provide a link to your editor?


I made a quick demo app:

of course there is a gap because I am setting a condition on the image (if fruit is XYZ then hide image). I would like to set a condition on the CELL so that I can say “If name is XYZ” dont show tis cell.

Is that possible?

You would have to do this at the source of the repeating group. Check it out; I added a constraint to the search for fruits so that it searches for all fruits that do not include any whose name is Lemon.

If this is going to be changing based on user input, then you could add a condition to change the source whenever an input has text, for example. “When input’s value is not empty > change data source: search for fruits with a constraint name <> input’s value”

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