Possible to use a DB-Table without a "Thing"? / How to store general global variables (no Option Set)

Hi, I would like to store some more general global variables for the overall app settings.

But still secure, nothing that the user can alter using his client JS tools etc. Therefore, Option Sets are not the way to go, I assume. Also, because they are “public” and nothing for potential sensitive Data (?)

Is it possible to create a new Database table, but to use just the table without a “thing”?
Or what would be the way to go? I could create just one “thing” as an admin and reference it / get it by “do search” but this seems clunky to me. Somehow a json config file also seems like an unnecessary detour, especially since I need to read and process everything again, in Bubble to use itI assume. Not sure how to hande this best.

Thank you!

What is the use for this data?
If it’s some secret to use in api call then it belongs to the api connector as private parameter

If you want that the user will not be able to modify the data then the database is not the best choice because

Privacy rules do not apply to modifying data through workflows. If you only want certain users to modify data, you can add a condition on the workflow’s events and actions.


Are Option Sets really modifiable via JS?

That would seem to be the way to go, but I was not aware that they could be updated.