Possible to use middle click for buttons?

How would I use middle click for buttons and or groups? Using links seems to load the pages much slower than using workflows in my case since I’m just setting the url parameters.

Hi, I’m not sure of what you mean by middle-click but here are a few things to note.
If you want to navigate to another page, onclick of a group or any other component - in the workflow;

  1. Use the action “Go to page”
  2. Select the page you want the user to be navigated to
  3. Add your URL parameters by checking the “Send more parameters to the page” and fill it in

However, if you want to just add URL parameters to a page without reloading the page, I guess you’re tending towards building a single-page app. Here’s what to do;

  1. Use the “Go to page” action
  2. In data to send, Select Arbitrary text and fill in the text you want to do add to the URL

If this didn’t help, you can send a follow-up question, and if you need any help setting up the URL parameters correctly also, you can reach out.

Cheers Keen!

I was actually thinking that I wanted to use the middle click to open a new window with buttons, but it turns out it’s not good thing to do anyway. I am in fact making a SPA though so the above info was helpful. It’s not possible to make it not refresh for links though is it?