Post API - Access Denied

Hey Guys,

Feel like I’m missing something here but pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. I use a bunch of API’s from DocuSign in my application. I’ve recently transitioned the authentication from doing it manually to the bubble built in OAuth2 User-Agent Flow. I have about 8 calls and all of them work great and will initialize except for one post call. I’ve tested the data I’m inputing (role id, account id etc) on DocuSigns API Explorer that lets you execute calls from platform and successfully “created a room”. For some reason I can’t get the call to initialized on bubble. Almost feels as though it must be something to do with the authorization. Side note: when this call was set up manually and I passed the token in a header myself the post was working correctly.

For reference to the api on DocuSign

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.