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I have a marketplace with these datatypes: User, Product. User creates products.
Now I want to add a blog where I will post stories ON BEHALF of Users.

I’ve created a new datatype Story.

Here is the way I’m gonna upload Story.

And the workflow:

What am I doing wrong? I can’t connect the Story to the desired User like that. If they were creating it themselves it would be easy as the Creator = that User. But in this case Creator is me… :roll_eyes:

Just add a User field to the Story datatype to store User it’s posted on behalf of.

I have it but can’t figure out how to make it work. Currently when I post a story it doesn’t appear in the database not under myself, nor under that User.

If you don’t see created entries in the database console, your action didn’t or failed to execute. Try step by step execution in debug mode or take a look into server log. There might be plenty of reasons: some condition on workflow or action may fail, you may hit DB limit, if you’re on free plan, etc… Additionally, I see that you don’t initialize Hero field. You need to lookup User object by it’s Hero ID in the database and set it into Hero field, if you rely on it somewhere else. The User must be persistent, than is, must be registered. Transient users, those that came to your page but didn’t log in, are not searchable.

Thank you! I understood that I do not associate the Story with a User. So, to add a User who is the real owner of the Story I added a Search field with the following settings:

And in workflow I added Hero (User) = SearchBox’s value:

And it works! Thank you again.

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