Post with image, comments and Tags

Trying to figure out the best way to structure a Post where users can easily add picture(s), make comments and tag people all in one action.

Similar to Facebook’s all in one approach… (upload://gASGfyPpvo19x7wDaSvZ1JlP6OD.png)

Currently I am uploading images using Croppy, which is nice but requires two steps to upload… 1 to save the crop, and another to save the photo. My Tagging process then happens after my image is uploaded… I have to click on the photo and link users to it. Finally, I let users create a post separately and then choose an already uploaded photo to link to the post.

I have 3 tables… Photos, Posts & Tags… but I think Croppy is one of my big bottle necks.

Any thoughts on simplifying this flow similar to Facebook?


Nevermind. I just used to Bubble picture uploader instead of croppy and I can make it all work good!

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