Postmark Emails Not Sending

Hi All,

I’m just starting to use Postmark for sending my emails.

I’ve used the Bubble API Connector plugin and everything work apart from in one specific case - linking to the “version-test” of my app.

Any emails that link to this do not come through. They appear as delivered in Postmark’s activity log but never arrive.

I can put a link to or or lots of other websites in the email, but as soon as I put “Website Home URL” they stop being received.

Is this normal behaviour? What am I doing wrong? Because as it stands I cannot send password reset emails.

Thanks in advance!

It is working just fine at my end.

Thanks for the reply - is your account approved by Postmark? I’ve just requested approval and wondering if it could be that. But then why would it only be one specific link that makes the email not send…

yes it is approved long time ago

Thanks - I’ll wait and see if that helps the situation.

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OK so I now know why I’m not receiving the emails - they are being quarantined by organisation’s Anti-Spam policy in Microsoft 365.

Now I initially thought to myself to turn the policy off but actually that doesn’t solve the problem if I have users out there who also have the anti-spam policy and never receive my apps emails.

I have DKIM, Return-Path and DMARC all set up so wondering what else I could do to solve this?

I’m also just documenting this in case it becomes a useful trail for someone to follow in future.

If anyone has any ideas / has been through this, let me know - thanks!!

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In case anyone stumbles across this topic - as far as I can see from researching back through the forum, there was an incident back in Feb 2022 which resulted in domain being reported for phishing and also had a DDoS attack against it.

Although I think the domain has recovered since the doesn’t seem to have - which is the domain that all “free” plan and any apps without a custom domain run on.

So if you’re not receiving emails, it could well be because they contain links containing, which is what my problem was when testing the password reset feature. Outlook / Microsoft are definitely still quarantining these emails and other providers may well be too. They also give users a bold warning message if they click the link which will deter many from ever proceeding to the link if you do manage to get through quarantine.

Luckily this seems to be rectified by going to a paid plan (Bubble will be happy) and using a custom domain accompanied with an external email provider like Postmark so you can start to build your own positive email reputation score. Which seems to have solved my issue… for now. I’m not an email expert by any means but hopefully this helps someone from having the same headache I had.


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