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Postmark is awesome

Thanks for the quick reply @vini_brito. As you have mentioned it works when I statically add an email address.

Although in practice, I first have to identify the user by requesting the customer data object from stripe to be able to fetch the email from Bubble database and then send the email.

How can I solve this problem? Do I first have to create a separate workflow action that fetches the customer and then in the postmark action addd “Result of step …”?


That’s a good possibility! :blush:

Hi @vini_brito,

:exploding_head: Didn’t work.

It works with the Bubble Email action, but that means I have to go back to Sendgrid. Are you able to look at your plugin?


I’m not sure what would be the issue on the side of the plugin, because if an email is passed then it works fine.

“Result of step X” should work fine, I can’t imagine why it would not pass the email.
Try something even more brute, save the email in the database, I imagine you’re getting it from an API call configured as a data source.
Then after that, refer to that field in the database.

Simultaneously, try checking if the data types are correct, for example a text is being passed in there and if the text is properly formatted, like [email protected].

Also, it’s supposed to be only one email, by the description it doesn’t seems like more than one is being passed, but it’s good to check.

Thanks, basically thats how I originally had it setup. I have it in the database and I do a search for user that has the reference id I get from Stripe. But still no luck.

Sure, in that case, next week I’ll make a mock clone debugger action so we can better debug corner cases like this, then I’ll be able to see exactly what Bubble is passing and what goes on once that information is processed within the action.

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Hi @vini_brito,

Sorry for wasting your time. I’ve just worked out why it wasn’t working. PRIVACY RULES AAAAHHHH. I removed all privacy rules on that data type and now the search email works. Now I have to work out how to add privacy rules without intruding on backend workflows. Never give up… hahaha


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Hahahah happens! I’ve done that one too.
I’ll be making the debugger mock action anyway, someone else will also benefit from this (:

I would like to find someone who knows how to implement Postmark and can help me finish up what I started.

Please PM me if interested.


@ralphlasry I’m just making the switch from SendGrid to Postmark based on the comments in this thread.

In the SendGrid setup i was previously using I designed the email templates in SendGrid and then it had a section in the plugins workflow where you enter the “Template ID” but I can’t see the equivalent option here. Is it a case of creating the template in Postmark then copying the HTML across into the “HTML Body” in the plugin workflow?


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Which postmark plugin on the Bubble plugin store would you recommend?




The second one is very basic right now, plain text emails only - I created it and didn’t realize I had made it public so it’s been untouched for a little while. I think it’s pretty much just one API call.

That being said, I haven’t used the first one but it sounds like you can use it for HTML emails

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Question, how do you make a JSON field option. So like for the CC and BCC field in Postmark, won’t let me send any emails with an empty CC or BCC field.

I think you need to make the API call excluding the CC and BCC options for it to work. So in the Connector you would have 3 separate API calls

  1. Regular To email
  2. Email with BCC
  3. Email with CC
    (possibly more if you need a specific combo)

So just copy and paste that API call and remove the “CC” and “BCC” lines from the JSON


Ah… that’s what I thought.

I’m having some troubles with getting line breaks. Any suggestions on fixing this?

Is this in the Bubble input you are unable to use ‘enter’ (a line break)?

I recall having an issue here with the Bubble Input removing line breaks so you can try doing a formatted as text like in this example:

This annoyance along with the endless possibilities of HTML customization are reasons why I think I stopped building out the Postmark plugin :sweat_smile:


How can I make the body a long textbox?

Got ya, I fixed this by using <pre> tags in the template.

I also used {{{ to avoid escaping HTML to allow for some Bold, Underlines, URLs, etc to show in the email as I provide a Rich text editor for users to customize this message - maybe more than you need though.



Ah! I was missing the <pre> tags ! Thanks!