Postmark problem API call , break my calls

et la sur mon dernier test, il ne prend plus aucune valeur (cf screen) je crois que je n’y vois plus rien ^^
Screen Shot 2023-11-18 at 04.39.19

Je ne vois pas ce que tu as dedans le format as text de selection sur ce screenshot

Screen Shot 2023-11-18 at 04.40.30

Je reviens aur.nom et prenom, mais aussi sur array qui a [""] qui devrait se formatter [ ] sans "

et en mettant json safe il me rajoute les “” ? c’est ça tu veux dire pour mon array ?

Oui et non null, mais pour l,array il faut rien mettre si vide

voila ce qu’il me rend

Bon en tout cas, merci beaucoup je vais creuser tout çà, bon we et merci de ton aide

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Ton diagxylophagesdetails est escaped. Ce n’est pas adéquat non plus. Enlève le format as json safe pour cette partie.

ok merci

I am not sure if you solved this or not, but I had a similar issue with the Postmark API breaking on me. However, the error message it gave me was very specific to say that it was the Template Model that was incorrect (HTTP 422 - 403 Template Model Issue).

Unless they changed things in the past two weeks, maybe the 402 error you are getting is from somewhere else in the API JSON structure outside of the Template Model?

Yep im checking this one as well thank s!

The same error from Postmark (HTTP 422 - 403 Template Model) is happening to me all of a sudden (randomly). Any update on why and how to prevent it?

Hi @AdamBFM !
how do you get errors ? i mean how did you set up alerts ?
Regarding the errors in fact, what i did was to use request bin on my calls ( check the results, using tools like chat GPT to try to fix this.
Postmark are changing their API tommorow, so be careful on these errors tomorow

I thing for me pas handling unescaped quotes, you can use “is empty” formated as text as expression on bubble to handle this (for yes : the info you want) for no : “something”

hope that helps