Postmark vs Sendinblue

I’m a big Postmark fan, but I agree the templates can be a little trickier than other solutions.

Regarding the dynamic data, you can send it in the body of your request as a json object. You’ll also need to set your Postmark template up so that it’s ready to receive dynamic content.

Let’s use the following example: Imagine that one user on your app is inviting one of their friends to join your app, and you’re sending an email to the friend.

Imagine in your Bubble db, you have a custom data type called “Referral”, and two fields under the Referral type: “friend_name”, and “user_name”.

In your Postmark template, you could edit the HTML and add something like this:

Hi {{Referral.friend_name}},

{{Referral.user_name}} just invited you to join our app! Click the link below to sign up.

Then, when sending the email from Bubble, you’ll include all the data in a json object, and that object will be the value for the key “TemplateModel”

“TemplateModel”: {
“Referral”: {
“friend_name”: “Joe”,
“user_name”: “Jason”

There are more things you’ll need to include in your request when sending an email. Documentation is here:

Hope this helps!