Potential Bug: Image URL string different for manual DB uploads vs frontend uploads


I’m wondering whether I’ve encountered a bug with the Image URL.

I need to upload a bunch of logos for companies on my site.

I did this in bulk via the manual DB upload function in the Bulk. Going forward I’m now doing this via a picture upload function on the frontend for new companies.

When now I reference the image’s URL - they are different. The ones uploaded via the DB have a https:// prepended whereas the ones uploaded via the frontend are missing https:

Is this a known issue / behaviour? It’s causing issues as I need to reference these URLs in my email templates so the https: needs to be consistent.

No. The second one is simply protocol-relative - i.e. the “https” is implied.



EDIT: By the way, this is easy to test for yourself. Just specify the stored image as the Dynamic image for an Image element via Bubble’s property editor, and the image should appear when the page is previewed.

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