Potetial bug? Creating a new custom state replaces an existing one

Attached to a group I currently have 4 custom states:

When I create a new custom state, instead of adding a new one, it replaces the top one with the new one:

I have tried

  • deleting the element then undoing
  • refreshing the browser
  • changing browsers
  • I have tried this on another group and it works fine (as in I can add a 5th custom sate no problem)
  • copying the group with workflows and then pasting with workflows. This copy still has the same issue

Anyone ever see this behavior before?
I know I could like delete the group and recreate it and it would likely not have this problem but that’s a ton of work.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Update: I tried adding in another custom state with a different name and it worked. I think whats happening is that that state existed before but then I changed the name and data type. So when I add it back in, it’s confusing bubble. Is this a bug?