Power users: more support for coding with keyboard

Coding workflows shouldn’t be such a tedious process. Ponting and clicking to do things is very cumbersome. For users like me with complex apps that bubble-code all day, we need more power to do things with the keyboard.

A very simple, infuriating example is this:

I can type the action I want, but for some infuriating reason, I can’t navigate the options with my arrow keys. I have to click the option.

Bubble should support the following keyboard actions:

  • Navigate WF with keyboard, enter to open the WF
  • Duplicate a step, add a new step, delete a step with the keyboard
  • Add a new WF
  • Duplicate selected WF
    …at minimum!

What do you say @Bubble ? Can we get something like this, like, asap?
@miri You’re the keyboard pro… can we get a feature like this?



I totally second this. I am amazed by the power and thought that went into bubble, but I cannot understand simple UI choices like not being able to navigate with arrow keys, tab keys, or confirming something with the enter key.

This is not only UI, but also accessability — as many people cannot use their mouse or trackpad because of RSI issues.


Hey guys,

Did you take a look at this ? It could be useful for what you’re looking for.
Does not perfectly fit your request, but can still be helpful :slight_smile:

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I did try it and it’s barely functional in its own right, let alone as a productivity enhancement. To make keyboard an essential part of one’s workflow, the most repetitive tasks need to be tied to the keyboard. This doesn’t fit that bill.


New year, new engine… I still can’t use the down / up arrows to select an action. I can type to find it, but I can’t select it with my keys. @nickc Is this on the roadmap at all? Would be a huge time (and click) saver.

@alejandrowunderlich I was JUST about to write my own post and complaint about this. Insane that you can select most dropdowns with keyboard arrows and return but you can’t select an action?!?!?

@nickc can we get some love on this? This seems like a perfect project for an intern or beginning developer?


Thanks for boosting this. It’s a huge painpoint for me.

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