Practicing repeating group for email list

I’m new with this visual programming, and I have no programming background, so I just register with free acc to practice and get familiar with
I have followed the tutorial : In-Depth Tutorial: How to Build ANY Type of App Without Code on Bubble - YouTube and to play with the : Repeating Group to view a list of all registered users, exactly as described in the youtube.
However, when I did the Preview, from 3 users in the database, I can only see 1 registered email. What did I do wrong ?

Here is the screenshot :
Database :

index page design

search page design (no workflow yet for the view profile button) :

repeating group properties

text properties to display each user’s email

Preview result

Thank you

Hi there, @crong10sept… check to see if there is a privacy rule in place on your User data type that is prohibiting the rest of the data from being shown.


Hi Mike,

Thank’s for your quick reply. Do you mean this ?

If I check the : Email, it should working proprely ?

Yup, that. If you delete that rule or check the email and Find this in searches boxes under Everyone else, all of the data should show up in the repeating group.

Thanks Mike !

It worked after I delete the rule, if I only checked the : email property, it wont work.
So thank you, now I can continue to my next lesson :slight_smile:

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