Praying for the bubble designers (also posted on idea board)

(I wrote this down, and found the idea board later, sorry. while at it, … ideaboard needs sorting, filter, categories, comments, and upvote count on the card title) very happy with the ideaboard :slight_smile:

If I made 10 different apps for clients last 2 months, Im just thinking how much time I spent changing the horrid
“barlow” font on EVERYTHING. Montserrat, Open Sans, ROBOTO, anything is better than barlow.
the bizzare shade of greenish blues some intern choose for the boiler plate pallette.
just go with facebook blue who cares, at least doesnt hurt eyes.

its very visible you guys just design bubble but dont actually use it.
so many little time wasting details.
why the frick the left panel is GREY and tiny small font, I CANT SEE ANYTHING.
I have to use emoji to find my groups.
jesus, when I “expand” something on the element tree just give me the full list of elements, I dont have 20 minutes to open each element everytime I open the editor.

I saw an AD for, “bubbler salaries are $80k”. So you expect someone to look at bubble in LIGHT MODE, all day? you hate eyes? I literally look away from my screen each time a full white page loads up.

also, no need to take me to the page, to delete the page, to go back to actual page I was before deleting.

I always recommend bubble to my clients, to reddit, to my youtube channel. the pop up of “please buy this”… I’m a developer, why annoy me 50 times a day… I will deploy when its ready, calm down…

thanks for coming to my TED talk <3