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Pre-build user research tools?

Hi all,

I’m gearing up for my next project and am applying some learnings from my first project on my next one… this round I’d like to do more user research before building. And, not just with people I know. Any tools you use to recruit folks to answer a few questions? Where do you find folks?

To clarify, I don’t need UX user testing but rather help to determine the shape of the product.


Hunt for Facebook groups where your target users gather. If there are in-person meetups in your area for those type of people, go there, too! Reddit communities can be useful, but you need to be cautious about how you pitch what you’re looking for, as many communities don’t like people peddling their wares.

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Facebook groups is a great idea!

I learned the hard way about Reddit… will be better this time. :slight_smile:

How’s it going with the new project? Did you get it up and running?

How did you finally do you user-research?


Hong Kong

What do you mean you learnt the hard way with Reddit?