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Pre-create accounts without email address

I’d like to pre-create a set of user accounts without email addresses, then SMS users a unique (yet simple) code, where they can ‘log into’ their pre-created account, then set their email address, which they will use to log into the account ongoing.

Any ideas how to implement this?

Because I’ll be sending this via SMS, I want to direct users to a very simple page, rather than a long URL containing a unique ID, etc.

Why not just send them to a signup page that looks like the way you want to? Instead of pre-creating the accounts just create them when they sign up.

You can still ‘prepare’ data for them with something like the approach below.

You can create something like an Invite in the database that keeps track which phone number belongs to who by storing the phone number as a field. Then just store all the ‘prepared’ data under this invite as well. You can create this way in advance of them signing up.

Then when you send the sms, either send it with a link with that number, or use the unique id of the Invite. If you want a short URL, you can use the Set slug of a thing action and generate a random short unique ID with the generate random string action.

Then on the page, you search for that invite to ‘redeem’ it for that new user.

Thanks @Kayami ,

You’re right, I don’t need to create the accounts as such, just make sure I can link their account with a pre-created dataset.

Similar to your suggestion, I could use a unique code (i.e. their phone number) for each pre-created dataset, that the user enters when they sign-up. The sign-up process can then link their account to the dataset, thus owning it.

With a little bit of magic, were done!

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