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Pre-filling Stripe Seller Registration Form

I am building a crowdfunding type app and need to have the campaign creators register as a seller. The problem is the form is complex and I need to pre-fill the form with data I’ve collected on my Bubble app.

How do you do this? Stripe has the capability built in and notes that it is easy but I cannot find documentation anywhere on Bubble’s site.


I think what you mean is this :
It is possible to pre-fill the Stripe’s fields while registering but it’s not implemented in Bubble (yet ?)
I would appreciate it too because this step is a pain for the user.

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Yes. Thats right. I’m thinking there has to be a way to get this done.

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There are now fields available in the “register as a seller” workflow action.
However the address field does not work well for me, especially because forms usually ask separatly for street address, zip code, state and so one while bubble is expecting a geographic address data type (I guess? THe documentation is not complete here).

In the stripe connect documentation, there are individual fields for street address, country, and so on.
Could it be possible to add these to the parameters list of the “register as a seller” action ?
Moreover, it would be grate to be able to pass as well the field stripe_user[country] : the user of my platform are all in the same country and are not expected to speak english, so having the default stripe language as English is really an issue here
And maybe use as well the website locale settings to pass them to Stripe as well (see for instance this post: