Pre-filling text field data from a list of options via drop-down

Hi all

I have a rich text field, and a drop down below that full of pre-filled texts. I would like to know the best way to to arrange the app to allow the user to choose an ready-made text option from the list drop down, which would then be automatically fill-out in the rich text box.

I’ve been experimenting with ‘do a search for’ option, but wondered whether this is the correct approach at all.

You can set a condition on the text field saying “if drop downs value is x, set initial content to y”

Thanks - yes I’ve tried that and got it somewhat working. A few more tweaks and it probably will work just fine.

However, I have about 5 or 6 options (originating from option sets) for each of these text inputs. There are bout 7 text inputs, and 10 pages. If I need to code each of the text inputs on a conditional basis it will takes me forever for each text input!

At the moment I need to create a condition for each option set (so with this is selected, display this), I’m wondering whether there is a way, in one sweep to mirror what ever option set is displayed, and put it in the text box (without doing an individual conditional). If I need to modify an option set in future, I’ll need to go back and re-configure it all.

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