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Pre-launch checklist

Hi Guys,

So the build is winding down, and I’m now starting to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Wanted to get some feedback on things to do before launching this live. For example standard workflows like prompt the user to login if they hit a page and they aren’t, privacy settings, etc.

As always thanks for the feedback guys! if you want to sign up and check it out to give general feedback.

Some things I’ve noticed:

  1. On the initial visit, the “Get exclusive savings by subscribing today” element initially scrolls up but continuing past it can only be done by clicking the bottom portion of it. You might have visitors wondering why they can’t scroll down immediately.

  2. I suggest that the process of building the project could be distilled down to a single page using collapsable groups when hidden. This will reduce the number of pages the user will navigate through, limit loading pages with few content, and speed up the UX.

  3. On the page that displays “When do you plan on getting started”, it appears that a selection is optional, but the next button proceeds without making a selection. I’m not sure if this was intended or not.

  4. The signup popup does not link to your privacy policy and terms of service.

These were my experiences and may be different from others.

Looks really good - I like the feel and the little 2 tone sounds from the chat I think make it feel homey.

One thing I would look at is in chrome it says the site is not secure with a little exclamation point. You might need SSL to fix this.

I got stuck on the first time on the page(same as @scott) - I could see I should scroll down but it didn’t work. It took me a little while to spot the down arrow click. Might want to rethink that workflow.

I would also suggest to use icons or images instead of letters with circles for the types of projects - it’s much easier for me to visualize what I need done instead of just looking at the text.

For the value prop in general - I’ve used a variety of services from Angie’s List, HomeDepot, Amazon Home and it’s always hit and miss. I think if you can clearly put a chart or comparison showing how you’re better than these it would be a really good marketing piece. My biggest complaint is contractors in general are unreliable - you make an apptmt and they don’t show up - wasting my time in waiting for them - if you can outline some of these scenarios and show how you address them that would go far with me.

@john3 @Scott Thanks for the feedback guys - made some tweaks with them yesterday evening. Especially the privacy policy and SSL.

If you guys don’t mind could you take a spin in the actual app. You can use this login un: vetongwe | pw: stopit90. A lot of the UX/UI in there is unique so I’m more worried about usability there.

Let me know if you can!

Hi Victor. Everything looks good except for a few small items:

1- I like the calendly integration - works great. You might want to add that you’re also sending an email confirmation to the confirmation page. This way I know I can always look it up in my email as well. The email looked good - great that calendly handles that for you.

2 - I use a smaller phone screen - iPhone 5 there is some minor clipping on the right margin of all pages. Don’t know if this is a size you care about.

3 - there is a page where you can see the scroll bar for a repeating group -When do you plan to get started - I think this should be set to fixed number of cells to eliminate the scroll bar from showing.

4 - If you’re logged in and go back to the main site page the header doesn’t update to show profile/logout - it stays on login / signup. That should probably be updated.

5- https: looks great now - I see the little lock and it doesn’t say a privacy warning.

Overall Great work - good job with Bubble you should submit to the Showcase.

Nice design, there are some features that I am trying to figure out myself :slight_smile:

@john3 thanks John I really appreciate it

@proust007 more than happy to help in anyway I can!