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Pre launch sign ups

Just a quick question about pre launch sign ups.

My Question is: Can I sign business users up and have them purchase their subscription before the app is launched(live). Do I do this by supplying them with the development version link?

Once the development version goes live… will it actually take the database with it?? meaning will they still have an active subscription and show up.

The reason is to have sign ups to my app before it is officially go’s live online to the user, obviously it’s better to launch with business on my app than launch a empty app to the user.
Business users will sign up by purchasing a subscription. Monthly or Annually through the app.

You can Copy records from your dev to Live database, Although it is bad practice, and you may run in to problems with cookie sessions. I would just deploy and have a show your interest email form and hid any account registration.

well that’s a bit annoying. it eliminates our company’s pre launch specials. but thank you.

Think of them as parallel universes. the Idea of a Dev and Live/Production version is more so you can have a work in progress app that is in active development with a dummy dataset, and your Live app working in the real world, with real data. . There really is no logical reason to combine the 2.

I would look at a way of bringing the data you need across.

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I understand that. its ok Ill figure something out. Thank you for all your help.

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