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Pre-load Repeating Groups

Would it be possible to have the ability to pre-load repeating groups?
Example: I have a hidden group with a repeating group inside.
When user clicks a button the group is visible. The repeating group then takes a second or two to show the containing search result.
It would be great if the repeating group could load the search results in the background, so that the list is shown instantly.
Maybe a checkbox in the inspector where you could tick off “pre-load” or something?

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Sorry, didn’t find that thread.
Anyway I think it would be a good idea to implement though, as it gives impression of a much faster site when you don’t have to wait for every list to load when you show them :slight_smile:


It’s a bit more complicated though. If we expose that, users are going to preload everything (because why not, right?) and then it’ll be very slow.

We’re working on backend stuff right now, hopefully database operation will be faster soon.


Is this done now? Repeating Groups load pretty slow and pre-loading would help

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It would be nice to have pre-loading on repeating groups set to 1 cell (1 col & 1 row), as there is a noticeable lag between using the workflow action ‘show next repeating group’. Example below when next button is pressed to trigger the workflow action:

Example of lag/delay on load in

Once the images are displayed and rendered e.g. saved to cache its fine, displays instantly, its just that initial load where it takes an extra second or two to display. Maybe nitpicky but that fraction of a second makes a difference to the users.


I have a repeating group inside a navigation bar that needs to show the last 10 projects a user has been on and having the ability to pre-load just this one group would be amazing. Currently it flickers the first time it is visible which is not great because users will look to that list to quickly move to another page… so its always going to be a list that flickers when someone wants to use it.

Any suggestions for a possible work around to this?

Really looking forward to the day we can pre-load lists!

While this doesn’t solve the loading problem, I usually show a “preloader” spinner gif while the repeating group is loading (and other elements in a single page app).

Just don’t show the spinner on page load, and only show “When RepeatingGroup …'s Loading is Yes”. If you make a group that inherits the current cell’s data, you can hide that until the RG is loaded as well.

I also do this because a RepeatingGroup can also be slow for other reasons, like spotty internet connection from the user, or more data as you scale.


This is an essential feature, Why bubble can’t limit the preloading only for repeated group, So people will not preload all other component @emmanuel


+1 on this Idea

It’s really a problem, for repeting group we should at leadt be able to pre-load next page & previous page so it will not create problem with animations.

My main problem is my content update after (instead of before) my animations are done because i want to slideIn the data of the next RG page

I think all that’s needed is pre-loading the next 1 or 2 items, instead of creating a lag during scrolling, especially on mobile, which happens if you only load when it becomes visible.

Think of a social media feed, with a couple of cued-up posts/tweets/images, the pause to glance at them could give you enough time most of the time to load the next 2, and so on.