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"Pre-signed URL" equivalent but for Bubble app access?


Is there such a concept, where instead of having someone logged in as a user, instead you could (As a logged in user) generate a “pre-signed URL” equivalent and send someone a link? And it would expire after a certain amount of time?

Not sure how this would work functionally but it would be nice if the pre-signed URL would follow the privacy rules of the one who created it. But this URL would need to be something Bubble understands so it can apply the privacy rules accordingly.

This could be manually emailed to a customer for example, and they have a time window to review data before it expires.


@sam.morgan any ideas if this exists already?

Hey Tyler-

It sounds like the magic link functionality would work for this purpose:

Had no idea this was a thing, thank you!

For future reference, I’m using an external service (not SelectPDF) to render the page and save it as a PDF, but privacy rules are preventing THEIR browser from being able to see the data. Doing this worked great so far for initial testing.