Pre-sorting Lists on Backend

Hello there!

Imagine an app that displays the inventory of vehicles. There are filters set up to narrow down the inventory to the desired options best suited to the user.

Whenever a filter is applied, the list is large and causes the client-side/browser window to be laggy, resulting in a frustrating user experience.

There are less than 500 items in an unfiltered/not-sorted view.

Is there a way to pre-sort this lists on the backend to avoid using client resources?

Will the upcoming May 1 update to pricing plans increase my capacity to alleviate this load speed?

I often get an error/notification in the debug mode that with more capacity, my app could have loaded 5-20 seconds faster. Perhaps this means it isn’t a client side issue?

Thank you in advance,

I recently started using backend workflows a lot more seriously with my social media app.

Right now, whenever I want a user to sort & filter through a list, I “schedule an API workflow” and I set the date & time to run right now.

With this step, I make sure to fill out whichever frontend parameters are important and they get sent over to the backend.

In the backend, the workflow gets triggered and is told to make changes to a list of posts along with the parameters needed for change. (The unique filters from the frontend)

The list of posts it makes changes to is a list that’s tied to the users profile.

The list is called “current feed”

Back on the frontend, the data source of my list of posts that I’m showing to the user in real time is simply, “current users current feed”.

This is great because my repeating groups don’t have to do any frontend searches.

The list they access has already been pre-filtered by the backend and when the backend changes the list that’s tied to the user, then this list for the repeating group automatically changes.

This has worked exceptionally well in practice, however, my main concern is that I have no idea how backend workflows affect pricing // capacity.

I don’t know how many backend workflows we get on the old plans and I have no idea how “workflow units” will affect them in the long term.

So there’s a solution for you, but I’m waiting for someone to tell me why this solution isn’t practical for the real world and why

In the meantime, lmk if you need any screenshots