Preload options for custom dropdown

I am building the onboarding flow for my app where the user needs to input an address. The designers want me to build a custom dropdown to select UK counties.

I implemented the custom dropdown as a reusable element where I put a repeating group into a groupfocus element. I downloaded a list of UK counties and I fill the repeating group by searching for all of the elements of the downloaded list When testing this I found that it takes a few seconds to load whenever I click on the dropdown after page load but every click after that is instantaneous.

I think the delay is caused by the list having to load on the first click. Id rather have the delay on page load then on first click. Is there any way to preload the list when the page is loading?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Either add a Repeating group somewhere on the page, and set it’s datasource to the dropdown options, then in the dropdown refer to the RGs list.

just make sure that a) the RG is set to ‘show all items immediately’ and b) is visible on page load (set it’s size to 0px x 0px)


Set a custom state list on page load (the list of dropdown options) and refer to that custom state value in the dropdown.

(just be aware of the difference between the two… specifically that a custom state list is static, whereas a RG list is dynamic, unless you’ve set it to be static)… but in your case I doubt it matters.)

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