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"Premium RG cell" or how to advertise a cell?

Hello again :upside_down_face:

Let’s take this example:

  • Users can see a list of restaurant in a RG.
  • Restaurant owners can paid to advertise their restaurant to be shown first/premium
  • So we have normal restaurant (blue) and premium ones (yellow)
  • Premium restaurant are shown more than the classics restaurants in the RG

I’m missing for words to describe my issue but I think you understand it.
What will you do in my case?

The firsts one who help me will have premium spots for their restaurant :smile:

:up: :up:

Have you been through the options discussed on these threads:

I’m not sure I would propose anything different to what’s already suggested in these.


Can you not ‘pin-to-top’ premium restaurants and then set a nice border or bg color of the premium sell?

When setting something like this up > restaurant data-type > field: premium (yes/no)

I did something similar recently on a Q&A app whereby the best answer chosen by ‘current-user’ got pulled and highlighted. It uses the exact same RG and grid but is dynamically displayed when set to X.

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Wow, I do search before posting and find any of these posts… I’m stupid, sorry to make you lose your time @edwardbutcher
The first option seems to be the best, I’ll add this with a random number generator (if current cell index is random number X, then show premium)

@nomorecode I do though about this, but I wanted something more “integrated” and random than always show it at first place. Thanks for your answer anyway :slight_smile:

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