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Hey bubblers,

Getting ready to launch my first app in a couple weeks. We went well beyond MVP as we already confirmed product/market fit and have made some partnerships that should get us to 1k users within first 30 days. We’ll be doing 2 weeks of beta invite only… and then public!

Curious to know what some experienced bubblers have learned when launching! What were the pitfalls and things that could have been avoided or done better?

Here’s some topics I’m thinking through:

  1. Security: What is Bubbles most vulnerable aspects and what areas really need to be buttoned up tight?

  2. Downtime: How do you communicate to your users about unexpected downtime? Is there any strategy behind pre-emptive communication like “since we are a start up… expect in-frequent brief times of downtime .”

  3. Scalability: At what number of users (or simultaneous users online) should I add extra server capacity? At what number if users should I consider re-writing in code off bubble?

  4. Paid help: Where’s the best place to find proven/vetted experts for emergency fixes or ongoing app support?

  5. What other tips can you share from experience?

*Looking for advice from experienced bubblers who have launched apps on bubble.

Hey @NoCodeNinja,

In my opinion:

Make sure to check your privacy rules & backend workflows to ensure you’re not exposing user data.

A status page like or

When you start seeing things are slow and your capacity is being maxed out.

Maybe Jobs / Freelance, look for a Bubble Coach or some agency? I don’t believe Bubble itself has a marketplace of vetted professionals.

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