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Prepend an arrow button at start of workflow

have discussed this by e-mail too recently (the right click action on tasks of a workflow isn’t very obvious, so users may not understand how to insert a new action at the start of the workflow before the 1st action), but it just came to me that it would be enough to prepend one of those arrow buttons you have to the start of the workflow (always start with an arrow)

that is since pressing that arrow makes space to add a new task (more obvious than the right click on the first action)

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You can also just click in front of the first action to add a new blank one

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thanks for the tip. This isn’t obvious at all. Better prepend that arrow I was suggesting at the start of all action lines (flows). Guess this applies to each row on the screen if it wraps for long action flows

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Sounds like a great idea… I have been deleting four workflows in order to add a new one, as I had no idea you could add a new workflow at the start!!!