Prepend Text in a Field

I’m trying to add “http://” in front of the url without a http.

Unfortunately I cant prepend anything, and cant have text before an expression in workflow editor (in API box).

Any idea? (I guess I could create a custom state or edit my data… but I’d like to just prepend when needed.)

What about something like this? Then the other step saves it “as is” when the previous step is empty (opposite condition).


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Yes, that’s what cant be done in an API call box :slight_smile:

But I found that I could write 2 expressions in a row (dynamic, text, dynamic) then remove the first (dynamic) one and it will work (sometime with several attempts).

I hadn’t come across this limitation and I’m not able to check now to verify but assuming this is the case, you could try adding a text parameter to the endpoint and setting it to default to the text you want to prepend, then in the workflow action you can use that parameter followed by the rest of the url.