Prepopulate sms: to multiple number from rg

Hi, I have a Link element that prepopulates for sms. "sms:/phonenumber/&body=/body/

It works. However, How can I put all the phone numbers from a repeating group?
it should be like this:

how can I put a " ; " in between numbers from the Repeating Group?

I think this would require the use of the api workflows, and probably best to be done recursively.

By the way, could you please post a screen shot of how you have the sms link set up…I need to figure that out and haven’t come across an example. I was able to get the phone call and email put together put not sms.

If you need help with the recursive workflows, let me know, I just had to go through the process and it isn’t too complicated but does take a bit to wrap your head around it.

Ignore boston, you don’t need api workflow use join with ;

can you show us a an example of using the link for sms with the repeating group numbers? Just want to get to do what the poster is.

I just imagine the need to use join with between all the repeating group phone numbers as a bit cumbersome, unless I have the wrong idea of what join with would do. Does that take one list and join it with another list? Because after joining two lists, how to send the sms to all the phone numbers in the list? .

Will do later bro. Still can’t get time to sit down with bubble. Thank you for the response.

I’m thinking of recursive Api workflow also. Is that different with Schedule api workflow on a list?

Will try this bro. Seems it is what I’m looking for

It is not very different in the implementation, so if you understand the api workflow on a list, it wouldn’t take long to create the recursive version.

The difference is in how bubble processes the actions and the affect it would have on your capacity. When doing it recursively each action is triggered only after the previous is completed, therefore your capacity usage is only as great as required to execute one action ( ie. one of the list of things ).

On the other hand the api workflow on a list triggers each action one after another, but not necessarily before the previous was completed…this will have adverse impacts on capacity as bubble may be attempting to process three items simultaneously, putting stress on capacity.

I had an issue with api workflow on a list with capacity and that affected the items being created getting added to a list of things. It also caused my capacity to max out. Things I saw were items getting created out of order ( I had sort orders on each item and they weren’t created in succession ) as well as having items not get added to the list.

Bubble support recommended the api workflow recursive and no issues with it.

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