Present or Absent

Hi, I am creating a School Information Management System. One of the features is that teachers can take the register (or rollcall), this is where the teacher has a list of their students and can set a mark for them. If the student is present, this displays on their profile.

I am trying to figure out how to make a repeating group display the date of that class, the class, and finally what mark they recieved. Similar to this: image

How would I go about this? I have created a “Lesson” Data Type with the following fields

Any help would be appreciated.

Any help?

I think that you should use a different way.
Not sure exactly how your course look, but What I think is that you should set it this way;
Thing: Courses (can be lesson)
Fields in courses: Name, date, Students (list of user), Teacher (user), Presents (list of user). But instead of Presents, you can also have Absent (list of user).
Your table will be a list of Courses , filter: Students: Contain current user
Your Absent / Present will check if Current cell “PResents” contain Current user. The text will be absent if false and present if yes. This will reduce the number of search you will need to achieve this.

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