Preserving a Custom State list to use for backend process

In my frontend workflow, I use a custom state to create an attendance list of profiles that need to be processed to a list field (either Present or Absent). Ultimately, I simply want to save that list to a respective list field in my database. I can do it by simply Making Changes to Profile, however, it takes a very long time to process the request. I wanted to move the processing to the backend, but I can’t figure out how to create a parameter that can preserve the Custom State list so that the list of profiles is available and usable on the backend.

Hi there, @jwoodall… I must be misunderstanding your post because it should be simple to create a parameter on the backend workflow that accepts a list of profiles. When you create the parameter, you should be able to select the appropriate data type, and if you check the Is a list/array checkbox, you should be good to go. If that isn’t working for you, can you share some screenshots so it is clear what you are trying to do and what the issue is?


Thanks Mike. I’m embarrassed to says that I just discovered my own stupid error. I needed to select “add list” in my workflow, but I had simply selected “add”. Duh! I hate when I waste time like that. Thanks for reaching out.

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